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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Our Policies

Our school’s policies are listed alphabetically below. Please click on a letter to jump to that section.

All policies have been revised, reviewed, and ratified by the school's leadership team and governing board to ensure that they remain accurate and effective. If you require a paper copy of a policy, please ask at the school office.

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Acceptable Use of IT Policy (ratified October 2021)

Active Travel Policy (ratified October 2023)

Admissions Policy (ratified December 2022)

Anti-Bullying Policy (ratified May 2023)

Assessment Policy (ratified June 2021)

Attendance and Truancy Policy (ratified March 2023)


Behaviour Policy (ratified March 2023)

Behaviour Principles (March 2023)

Business Continuity Plan (ratified May 2015)


Charging and remissions for school activities (ratified September 2023)

Child Protection Policy (ratified September 2023)

Children Walking to/from School Alone & Collection of Children at Hometime Policy (ratified October 2022)

Children with Health Needs who cannot attend school Policy (ratified November 2023)

Class Allocations Policy (ratified May 2018)

Collective Worship Policy (ratified January 2024)

Confidentiality Policy (ratified October 2021)

Complaints Policy (ratified September 2022)

Complaints: Policy for managing serial and unreasonable complaints (ratified November 2020)

Curriculum Policy (ratified November 2020)


Data Protection Policy (ratified September 2022)


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy (ratified October 2022)

Educational Visits Policy (ratified November 2022)

Equalities Policy (ratified March 2023)

Exclusion Policy (ratified June 2022)


Freedom of Information Guidance for AHPS (2017)


Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy (ratified September 2023)

Home Learning Policy (ratified January 2024)


Lettings Policy (ratified September 2023)


Managing Medical Needs Policy (ratified May 2020)

Marking and Feedback Policy  (ratified March 2022)

Mobile Phones in School Policy (ratified January 2024)


Online Safety Policy (ratified October 2022)


Privacy Notice - Pupil (ratified March 2023)

Privacy Notice - Staff (ratified June 2021)

Privacy Notice - Governors (ratified February 2024)

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) Policy (inc RSHE) (ratified June 2021)

Purchasing Policy (ratified October 2020)


Safe Handling and the Use of Reasonable Force  Policy  (ratified November 2023)

School Fund Policy (ratified  January 2020)

Social Media Policy (ratified October 2023)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy (ratified November 2023)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Information Report  (ratified November 2023)


Teaching and Learning Policy (ratified May 2020)


Uniform Policy (ratified March 2023)


Whistle-Blowing Policy (ratified November 2023)