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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly


At Alexander Hosea our vision is, ‘roots to grow, wings to fly’. Our curriculum has been developed to support our vision and values. We are committed to ‘Learning without Limits’. This means we believe that there is more in everyone than we think. We want children to have the self-belief and aspire to do great things. They will leave with the knowledge and the skills they will need to lead a flourishing life; and to have the disposition to help others to do so too.

Challenge based learning

Projects are planned around the needs and interests of the children. Each project has an overarching big question and smaller enquiry questions along the way which guide the children through the project from a WOW start, through several mini-outcomes towards a final outcome. A key part of the outcome is that it is prepared for an audience in some way, giving the children’s learning a real purpose. Wherever possible, projects are linked to global and community awareness.

Immersive environments

Our classrooms are created each term to enable children to be more immersed in their project. Areas are created to give children choices about how they will learn. Research has informed our choices of colour and lighting to ensure that we are providing inclusive environments that fully support children’s learning.

Peer critique

Children are encouraged to produce learning of the highest possible quality. Children learn to reflect on their work and to offer ‘warm feedback’ and ‘suggestions’ for improvement to their peers. Children are asked to follow three main rules when completing critique sessions; be kind, be helpful and be specific. The children are enthusiastic about making their work the best that it can be and often redraft it several times.

Development as an effective learner

A core part of learning across all areas is the development of the children as effective learners. We have ELLI (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory) characters that help the children to develop a language to talk about their learning and to develop as rounded learners. Alongside this we are developing Dr Tom Robson’s gem powers.

Additional information relating to the curriculum can be obtained from your child's class teacher.

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 At Alexander Hosea Primary School we follow the Letters and Sounds phonic scheme.

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