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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

What people say about our school

Here are some quotes from our pupils

“To be independent we need to solve problems for ourselves” (Y5)

“I am more confident – now I believe I can do it” (Y5)

“Our powers have helped us do things we wouldn’t normally want to do – and to stand on the edge” (Y6)

“My independence has improved” (Y6)

 "I love the reading area 'cos you can feel really cosy there and it's peace and quiet" (Reception)

"Having lots of little corners gives me confidence to try new learning" (Y1)

"There is a choice so that everyone can get what they need to help them with their learning" (Y2)

"I use the flags and pictures to help me think about places in the world"

"It has really helped me with my writing. I feel inspired to use great vocabulary when I look at the picture" (Y3)

"It feels as though you are on a learning journey with your friends"

"I like to learn at a low table because it helps me to concentrate" (Y4)

"Sometimes I get fidgety when I am on the plastic chairs so now I can move to a different place and learn for longer"

"Having spaces means that you can get away from distractions because you can find spaces away from other people"

"I like to sit near the window so that I get lots of light"

"I am really inspired to think about what it was really like in Roman times" (Y5)

"It makes me feel creative when I look around"

"It shows that we really care about our school environment and respect it"

"It's inclusive because it suits all of us because we have choice"

"Well, it is really exciting. When I am writing I can imagine what it was like in the war. It makes it real. It has made my writing more imaginative" (Y6)

"It is so much more interesting than looking in a book to find things out. We are motivated to learn" (Y6)

Here are some quotes from visitors and parents/carers

"Children are helpful, knowledgeable and polite"

"A pleasure to visit your school which is filled with enthusiastic and friendly staff and pupils who have a well-developed ability to listen, engage with and learn. A credit to all"

"School looks very inviting and motivating"

"Great to see all the children so engaged in their learning"

"Thank you once again for a lovely opportunity to see how happy and settled all the children are and how proud they are of their learning and school"

"What helpful and insightful children"

"Wanted to say that with the ballet and the choir at the 02, thanks for all the school does to give children the self-confidence to put themselves forward and take part in these things"

"I am genuinely happy with the progress she is making but happier by the fact that she enjoys learning and taking on new challenges"

"It was great to see the children so enthusiastic about showing off their achievements"