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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Register of Attendance

Governor Meeting Attendance 2023-2024

Full Governing Body

  21.09.23 23.11.23 01.02.24 21.03.24 16.05.24 11.07.24
J Dent (Chair) AA   AA  
N Kingdon (Vice) AA    
D Williams (HT)    
R Crerar AA    
K Edgar    
D Elias AA AB   AB  
G Fielding    
Y Frampton AA AA   AA  
K Hillier    
P Lloyd AA    
J Narborough    
L Peachey    
T Shrewsbury AA AA      
S Windmill * AA   AB  

Premises & Finance Committee

  27.09.23 15.11.23 28.02.24 01.05.24 03.07.24
G Fielding (Chair)    
D Williams (HT)    
R Crerar AA    
K Hillier AA AA    
P Lloyd    

Teaching & Learning Committee

  15.11.23 17.01.24 06.03.24 24.04.24 19.06.24
D Williams (HT)      
K Edgar      
K Hillier AB      
N Kingdon      
L Peachey      
J Narborough      
S Windmill * AA      

Staffing & Welfare Committee

  11.10.23 24.01.24 12.06.24
J Dent (Chair)  
D Williams (HT)  
Y Frampton  
J Narborough AA  
T Shrewsbury  

Governor's Day will take place on: TBD March 2025


*  - Attendance as non-voting Associate member. Associates may be invited to FGB meetings. Associates do not count towards quorum.                               

AA - Apologies Accepted, AB – Absent, ✓ - Attended

Greyed-columns - cancelled or non-quorate meetings

Greyed-rows - Governor's term of office has ended or not yet started


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