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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Pupil Voice


‘Leadership’ has been a focus at Alexander Hosea during the past few years in response to the business world saying that they were finding it difficult to recruit younger people into leadership roles as they lack the skills required.

As an introduction to celebration of newly appointed and trained sports leaders, I asked the children in an assembly what skills and qualities a leader needs. Their responses were impressive and included the following:

  • Democratic so that they represent the views of others and don’t just do what they want to do (Toby).
  • To include others (Lauren)
  • A good listener so they can listen to the ideas of others and decide which are best to help them make decisions (Lewis)
  • Able to persevere (Guney)
  • Strong willed so that they don’t keep changing their minds and are able to follow what they know deep down is right (Katie).
  • Kind and caring so they can see things from others’ points of view (Maisie).
  • Respect other people (Olivia)
  • Confident and have self-belief (Charlie)

These demonstrate the children’s application and the impact of our school values on their understanding of leadership skills and the effectiveness of the outcomes of our leadership agenda.

V. Quest