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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Physical Education


At Alexander Hosea we aspire for our children to enjoy being physically active and see the value of this on their own wellbeing and social connections. 

PE develops the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a broad range of physical activities. These include dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and athletics. We also provide opportunities for the children to take part in inter and intra competitions, festivals, tournaments and galas. 

PE promotes an understanding in children of how their bodies work in action and also how to have a heathy lifestyle, which in turn will help them to make informed choices about physical activity throughout their lives. As a school we aim through our PE sessions, to provide and develop skills which will help them to have good sportsmanship by being co-operative, confident, build on a progression of basic skills and develop a self-belief in their own sporting ability. We encourage children to have a growth mindset with PE and know that everyone can improve their skills, speed and agility over time. 

We use the Sports Premium from DfE to: 

- Increase engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity. 

- Raise the profile of PE and sport across the whole school. 

- Increase confidence, knowledge and skills in all staff. 

- Broader experience of a range of sporting activities for all pupils. 

- Increase participation in competitive sport. 


At Alexander Hosea we use Val Sabin PE Programme as the basis for our PE offer. This is a scheme of work that that is planned by PE specialists with clear progression, high quality resources and subject knowledge support for non-specialists. From this, each year group delivers 6 units across the year – with a variety of foci and providing a range of experiences in dance, gymnastics, athletics, games, OAA outdoor adventurous activities and FUNS (fundamental skills).

PE Yearly Overview 2022-23

Lessons are delivered by teachers and Swift sports coaches following the Val Sabin scheme, adapting where necessary to make lessons inclusive. 

All children have swimming lessons during their time in KS2 (usually Year 3) and any children who are not yet able to swim 25m by spring in Year 5 are offered ‘mop-up’ lessons (and a further opportunity in Year 6 as needed). 

As well as using the Val Sabin Programme, teachers plan wider physical development experiences, including regular opportunities such as: 

· Sports day in Term 6. 

· Sport Leader training for Year 5 pupils by a coach from KLB Secondary School. 

· Festival of Youth Sport in June. 

· Swimming galas. 

· Tournaments (including at KLB) with other local schools – cricket, netball, football, hockey etc. 

· Sports clubs after school – hosted by sports experts (e.g. Swift Sports). 

· Range of visits by expert sports people (e.g. Rugby coach playing at national level; yoga teachers, OAA provider; Skippy John) 

· Parent helpers run clubs that they expertise in (e.g. netball, cross-country). 

· Bristol Together – Y5 children from Alexander Hosea join up with pupils from a contrasting school to create a team and compete in tournaments. 

· District Sports at KLB for gifted and talented. 

· Pantathlon inclusive tournament at KLB. 

· Play Pod, which is used daily at lunchtimes to promote active play. 

· New playground markings and giant stop watch used to promote physical activity breaktimes (as well as lessons). 

· Swift coaches run football sessions at lunchtime 3 x a week. 

· Use some sports premium to pay for extracurricular lessons for disadvantaged children (e.g. King Edmunds Gymnastics, swimming lessons) 

· Sports Award – given termly for great attitude and effort in sporting activities. 

· Sports achievements from outside of school are celebrated in weekly celebration assemblies. 

The school funds some places for children (in receipt of free school meals) on extracurricular activities to open doors to wider provision. 

Staff professional development is supported through staff meetings and guidance from Swift Sports. 


Pupils have a rich curriculum offer to support their physical development and enjoyment. 

Pupils respond positively to PE provision across the school and enjoy the wide range of clubs. They take pride in representing the school in sporting tournaments and place great value on these opportunities. 

There is a good uptake for clubs and the clubs change focus each term to add variety.