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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly


Computing at Alexander Hosea


At Alexander Hosea we aspire for our children to use computing as a tool to become digitally literate; express themselves; solve problems and develop their ideas, making links with STEM learning.

The key aims of the curriculum are:

  • To develop an understanding of fundamental principles – logic, algorithms and data representation.
  • To analyse and solve problems – including through practical experience.
  • To evaluate new and unfamiliar technologies.
  • To stay safe online, showing responsibility and respectfulness when using information and communication technology.


At Alexander Hosea we use the Teach Computing Programme as the basis for our Computing offer. This is a scheme of work that that is planned by computing specialists with clear progression, high quality resources and subject knowledge support for non-specialists. From this, each year group (Year 1-6) delivers 4 units across the year – with a variety of foci and providing a range of experiences in Programming, Data handling, Media and Systems and Networks.




Begin to understand the word algorithm as a set of instructions with an intended outcome, i.e. a recipe 

Program a bee bot.

Begin to use logic to predict what will happen next in a simple program i.e. predict the direction a bee bot will turn after programming.


Programming A - Moving a Robot

Programming B - Programming Animations

Data handling

Data and information - Grouping data


Creating Media - Digital painting

Creating Media - Digital writing

Systems & Networks Computing systems and networks - Technology around us

Programming A - Robot algorithms

Programming B - An introduction to quizzes

Data handling Data and information - Pictograms
Media Creating media - digital photography
Systems & Networks Computing systems and networks - IT around us

Programming A - sequence in music

Programming B - Events and actions

Data handling Data and information - Branching databases

Creating media - animation

Creating media - desktop publishing

Systems & Networks Computing systems and networks - Connecting computers
Programming Programming B - Repetition in games
Data handling Data and information - Data logging

Creating media - Audio production

Creating media - Photo editing

Systems & Networks Computing systems and networks- The internet

Programming A - Selection in physical computing

Programming B - Selection in quizzes

Data handling

Data and information - Flat file databases

Media Creating media - Video editing
Systems & Networks Systems and networks - Sharing information

Programming A - Variables in games

Programming B - Sensing movement

Data handling Data and information - Introduction to spreadsheets

Creating media - Web page creation

Creating media - 3D modelling

Systems & Networks Computing systems and networks - Communication

Lessons are delivered by teachers following the Teach Computing Programme, adapting where necessary to make lessons inclusive.

Online safety has a high priority and this is woven in through the Teach Computing Units, as well as being discretely taught through Jigsaw PHSE Unit ‘Healthy Me’ in Term 4 and annual Internet Safety Day (February).

All children in KS2 have the opportunity to engage with additional extra-curricular activities linked to Computing. Years 3 & 4 have a Coding Club and Years 5 & 6 have Lego Robotics Team, which takes part in an annual competition.

As well as using the Teach Computing Programme, teachers plan wider Computing and STEM experiences, linked to projects such as:

  • Stemworks for Year 6.
  • UWE outreach experiences.
  • Children’s University activities.
  • Aardman Animation workshops – funded by Wickwar Education Foundation.

Staff are updated in online safety annually either through cascade staff meetings following NSPCC training, or through Cyber Protect Officers through Avon and Somerset Police. Sessions for parents are offered in alternate years.


Pupils have a rich curriculum offer to support the safe use of computing in their daily lives and across the curriculum, encouraging their creativity and enjoyment.

Pupils have responded very positively to the wider curriculum offer and the Robotics Team are very enthusiastic about the club and competition at Whirlpool Factory, Yate.

There is a very good take up for coding club and they enjoyed using a range of resources – Scratch, Kodu and OhBot in a creative way.

Lego Robotics team in action.