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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

KLB Taster Day for Year 5 - Nov 2022

Year 5 had the opportunity to Visit KLB as part of a secondary school taster day.

This opportunity is given to give an insight into what a normal day at secondary school may be like. Now we are in Upper Key Stage 2, it is really important that we take up these opportunities to make the transition a little less daunting for the children.

Our day started with a welcome from Mrs Bates in the school canteen, we were able to discuss the differences between Alexander Hosea and an average secondary school. The children were blown away by the number of children there were in one year group, let alone the rest of the school!

We then went on to our first lesson, Science. This was a favourite for many children as they got to do an experiment on explosions! Firstly, the children had to get used to sitting on stalls and wearing eye protection. Once we were ready, the children got set making their experiments. Luckily, we have had lots of practice of this during our own Science lessons. The children were amazed once again at the end of the lesson when the teacher showed us an explosion that reminded us of fireworks!

We then headed to Art, which was a lot calmer than Science! The children got to explore an artist’s work and recreate their own piece using collage. The children were all really proud of what they had achieved in just once lesson, and I am sure they were keen to show you at home too!

After a bust first half of the morning, we ventured down to the sports hall for our break. The children enjoyed figuring out what kind of sports they may be learning in secondary school, especially hose sports that may be different to what we currently do at Alexander Hosea.

After break, we went to DT – another favourite as this involved food tasting! The children had to use all 5 senses to describe a variety of food. This linked well with English skills. It was great for the children to see that just like us, secondary schools try to link their subjects with others to help engage all children.

At lunchtime, the children became students at KLB and were allowed to choose their own snack and drink form the canteen! This was to show them how to use it, with no other children around. We then sat and ate altogether. It was lovely to see how excited they all were; however, some children were starting to get tired at this point!

After lunch, it was French! It was great for the children to use their own French knowledge to help them develop their language skills even more. They were able to learn a new song and even play splat! Another lesson that engaged all the children – even those who may not have expected it to.

Once our lessons were done, some ex Year 7 pupils and Year 12 pupils gave us a tour of the whole school and answered any questions we had. It was a great day out for everyone, and the children were great representatives. Maybe one day, they will be giving children from Alexander Hosea a tour!

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