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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Tools and Weapons

What Were the Ancient Greek Weapons ?

The spears also known as the dory was a very important weapon for ancient Greek warriors or hoplite. Spears were 6 to 8 feet long and were made out of a sharp ion head. A wooden shaft and bronze butt at the other end which was used in case the iron head broke.   

What Were Stone Age Tools?

Simple tools gave humans a  competitive edge agents the stronger and more ferocious best of the age. Even the most basic stone age tools became extremely complex and varied from the  earliest sharp rocks that served as a catch-all for many hunter–gathers.These tools and developments showed  increased cognition among early hominids and spoke to their resourcefulness and unstinting of the world. Listened below are some of the earliest tools known to mankind, some of which exist in some form on another day.

What were Iron Age Tools and Weapons?

The late Bronze Age swords tended to be sickle shaped, but as iron was introduced the curve of the blade became less pronounced. These swords were more like small daggers and were usually hung in sheaths across the chest or the back. They didn’t hang from the belt the way later swords  would. Short swords and daggers were weapons of choice in early Iron Age Britain.