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Settlements in the Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age and Ancient Greece

How did Ancient Greek settle?

Greeks created settlements along the Aegean coast of Lonia (Asian minors) from the 8th century BCE. Important colonies included Miletos Ephesus, Smyrna and Halikarnassos. Athens traditionally claimed to be the first colonizer in the region which was also of great interest to the Lydains and Persians.

Where did the Greeks settle?

From about 750 BC the Greeks began 250 years of expansion, settling colonies in all direction of the Black Sea.






How did the Bronze Age people settle?

A settlement is a place where a community of people live. At the begging of the Bronze , most people lived in small villages or on farms. They built houses from material that could be found nearby ,such as wood or stone.   Most people in Western Europe lived in round houses. Communities began to compete with each other for land and fighting broke out.



How did the Iron Age settle?

During the Iron age, the Celtic  people  spread   out across  Europe  and  many  settled  in  Brittan. The ancient Britian’s followed a Celtic way of  life. They produced  fine  metal  work  and enjoyed feasting, music and pottery.

How did the Stone Age people settle?   

Because of its length the European Stone Age is usual divided into three stages. The Palaeolithic period is when the Stone Age Hunter-Gather Communities were around.