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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Project Overviews - Academic Year 2018-2019

Each class decides on a key question to base their topic around.

Please click on the links below for more detailed planning:-

Terms 1 and 2  

Emerald Where are you?

Jet - Are we alone?

Crystal - Where will it take you?

Diamond - Why make a difference?

Pearl - How far can you go?

Amethyst - Why should we remember?

Terms 3 and 4

Ruby - What's behind the door?

Topaz - What's behind the door?

Emerald - Do you believe?

Jet - Where did they live and why did they go?

Crystal - Will it be a good mix?

Diamond - Fact or fiction?

Pearl - What do you wonder?

Amethyst - What makes a good leader?

Terms 5 and 6

Ruby - How does it grow?

Topaz - How does it grow?

Emerald  - Is it happily ever after?

Jet - What's on the Royal menu?

Crystal - Can we step back in time?

Diamond - What have we learnt from the past?

Pearl - Is it entertainment?

Amethyst - Is life one big adventure?