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Beliefs and Gods


What story’s are there that involve  Greek myth monsters?

Did Greek, stone age, iron age and bronze age people believe in gods?

What religions did  bronze age, iron age & stone age believe in?


What story’s are there that involve Greek myth monsters?

A Greek Myth

I am going to tell you about the most dangerous mythical monster called sphinx it is said to have a lions body, a woman's head and wings of a eagle . One day a young traveller approaches  the sphinx and the sphinx proposes the following riddle to the young traveller the riddle was “what is that which in the morning goeth upon four feet ; upon two feet in the  afternoon ; and in the evening upon three? “ the Oedipus correctly answers   the riddle :man- man who crawls on all fours as a child ,then on two feet as a adult and finally  (with a help of a cane )on three feet during sunset of once the sphinx raised its voice and shouted “how did you answer this riddle” she  jumped and chased the Oedipus down the road and they were never to be seen again…….

Did Greek, stone age, iron age and bronze age people believe in gods?

Greek Gods

The Ancient Greeks would build temples and worship many different Gods within them. They believed that each God looked after and watched over different parts of life and the world. The people of Ancient Greece believed that the Gods lived on Mount Olympus and watched over them with Zeus leading them.


List of Gods:

Zeus (God of Sky and ruler of Olympian Gods)      Hermes (Messenger)      Plutus (Wealth) 

Aristaeus (Protector of Art)   Apollo (God of Music, Truth and Prophecy)   Morpheus (God of dreams)    Poseidon (god of sea)         Cronos (prophecy)

Athena (god of wisdom)          Hercules (strength)

Hades (god of the underworld)           Momus (Satire)

 Cupid/Eros (god of love)        Hesperus (Evening Star)

Mars/Ares (god of war)                      Hyperons (God of Heavenly Light)


Greek Gods (Zeus, Posidon and Athena)

Bronze Age Gods

Bronze Age worshiped their gods by throwing things into lakes as an offering and sacrifice. By offering these gifts, the people hoped to gain favour and kindness from the Gods to look after them.

Iron Age Gods







What religions did  bronze age, iron age & stone age believe in?

Let me tell you about a Bronze Age religion.

In Bronze Age they would go to death burials, graves or a place by water and give metal as an. The sun was the main deity of this time, sometimes represented as a god, sometimes a goddess. Other times, a couple who created the whole universe was depicted. These were the forts that some of the solar gods of the time took.

Let me tell you about Iron Age religion.

The Celts sacrificed  weapons  to the gods by throwing them into lakes, rivers and bogs-places they considered special, at Llyn Cerring Bach, archaeologists  have found over 150  objects of bronze and iron ,including, spears, shields and swords.

What religions did Stone Age have?

Hunters and gathers tried to make contact with the spirits by killing animals and placing them on a stone in stone henge.