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Alexander Hosea Primary School

Roots to grow, wings to fly

Ancient Greek Weapons and Armies

How did Ancient Greeks use weapons?

The spear was the most important ancient greek weapon. It was used to smash into peoples armor. They were 6 to 8 foot long.

They were also used in a formation called the ‘Phalanx’.

How did they  use battering rams?

They used battering rams to smash opponents ships. The rams were on the front of the ships about one meter below water level. 

They are also used to protect it from flaming wood shooting from the opponent ship. They are made of iron or steal.







How did  they  use  their shields?

The shield is also the most important weapon. It has scary faces to scare away their enemies.

They also had letters on. Witch we don’t understand. They also protect them from bows, spears and swords.







How Did Iron protect their land?

By making a wall of stone. It was 8 foot tall. It was handy because if people had spears it would fall on them.