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Ancient Greek Fashion

What does Greek fashion look like?

What materials did they use ?              

Stone age clothing is made out of animal skins to keep them warm drawing the ice age made clothing essential. Early humans cleaned, propeard and wraped animal skins around themselves to keep warm. Also,they may have decorated their faces and bodies with paints maid from natural pigments. By about  75,000 years ago humans strung shells together to make some of the first jewellery.

How do they stitch clothes together?

Greek woman wore clothing witch was made om big square piece of wool or linen . They -used pins in various places to hold it together . Unlike men’s, the dresses always went down to the ankles.

What was Greek jewellery used for?

Jewellery was not only used to attract attention or beautify oneself, but also to ward off evil powers. Some ornaments were believed to have magical powers. The earliest ancient Greek jewellery may be traced back to 1600 BC.